Welcome to the world of exquisite craftsmanship and beauty.

Belle Ange is a combination of modern design, traditional materials, pastel colors, handmade and natural fabrics – in short, everything that creates a distinctive and unique style.

Online Atelier Belle Ange offers a wide variety of high quality fashionable children’s clothing for special events. A birthday party, a name day, a christening, graduation in kindergarten, weddings of loved ones – order a dress for any occasion and let your little angel feel the queen of the evening.

Dresses for girls from six months to 15 years are available. All the models are based on the sketches of couturier Astghik Davtyan.

A self-taught designer with an innate sense of style has been realizing her unique vision of the beauty and creating bold designs for many years. The artist’s exclusive style is famous not only in Yerevan where the boutique is located, but also in other cities in Armenia and abroad.

Become the owner of an amazing Belle Ange dress, catch admiring glasses, give beauty to others and to yourself – you really deserve it.